HEV0130 Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC) Module 1 (CCP)

The first module of the Early Childhood Professional Certificate (ECPC) introduces the student to the ECPC credentialing process. The student will receive formal instruction in these competencies: professionalism, health and safety, and the learning environment. During this module the student will begin preparing a professional resource file and portfolio which will be completed by Module 3. The student will also be required to demonstrate the competencies learned throughout the program during a 2-hour onsite observation which meets State and National ECPC credential requirements. This observation must be conducted in a Preschool classroom with children 3-5 years old.


40 clock hours

Prerequisites and Corequisites

Prerequisites: 40-Hour Child Care Training Certification (includes 10-Hour Appropriate Practice for Preschool) and 5-Hour VPK Emergent Literacy.