Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) CCC

Emergency Medical Technician Overview (6446) Limited Access

Type of Award

CCC - College Credit Certificate

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Program Description

This applied technology diploma program is designed to prepare the student for the Florida State Board Examination for Emergency Medical Technician - Basic. EMT-Bs serve as a link in the chain of the health care team. It is recognized that the majority of pre-hospital emergency medical care will be provided by the EMT-Bs. This includes all skills necessary for the individual to provide emergency care at a basic life support level with an ambulance service or other emergency services agency.

Classroom study and clinical work equip the student with the skills in patient assessment, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), oxygen therapy, shock prevention, bandaging, splinting, spinal immobilization and vehicle extrication that are necessary for a career in out-of-hospital emergency medicine.

This program is approved by the Florida Department of Health Bureau of Emergency Medical Services (Ch 401, FS, Ch. 64J-1, FAC) and follows the most current U.S. Department of Transportation National Standard Curriculum.

Program Learning Outcomes

For detailed information, visit www.palmbeachstate.edu/learningoutcomes/Program-Learning-Outcomes

Admission Requirements

Special admission requirements are associated with this program. For details, call the program office at (561) 868-3355.

Completion Requirements

Students must successfully complete all courses listed in the catalog for this program.

Program Length

Total program credits: 12. This is a one semester program.


The program is offered at the Lake Worth campus.

For More Information

James J. Smith, smithjj@palmbeachstate.edu, (561) 868-3355

Employment Opportunities

EMT-Bs work in hospitals and doctor's offices, drive ambulances, and also provide basic emergency care such as stabilizing patients, controlling bleeding and giving oxygen.

Career Path Notes

This program is a prerequisite to the paramedic program. Students who want to move up in the field should start out in EMT-Basic.

Career Center


For more information about employment opportunities including job outlook and salary information visit: Occupational Outlook Handbook: www.bls.gov/ooh

O-Net Online: www.onetonline.org

Required courses:

Required Courses (Credits: 12)

EMS1158CEmergency Medical Technician (AS)

12 credits (6 lecture hours, 10 lab hours, 3 clinical hours)

Course Sequence

Term One - Fall (Year One) (Credits: 12)

EMS1158CEmergency Medical Technician (AS)

12 credits (6 lecture hours, 10 lab hours, 3 clinical hours)