eLearning classes through the internet provide increased student access through alternative education delivery systems and flexibility of time and location. Online courses promote the integration of technology in the learning environment and the globalization of education through electronic access to information and experts worldwide. The only difference between face-to-face courses and distance learning courses is in the type of course delivery. Course materials and instructional activities are provided online within a Learning Management System (LMS) with the possible exception of testing. Students collaborate with their professors and other classmates via the LMS, telephone, email, discussion forums or, in some instances, on-campus meetings.

These courses have the same educational objectives as face-to-face classes, are fully accredited and appear on a student’s transcript the same as a face-to-face class. Additional fees are required. For more information, go to www.palmbeachstate.edu/eLearning or send an email to elearning@palmbeachstate.edu. Students log on to the LMS at https://palmbeachstate.blackboard.com to access their online courses.

Who Should Take an eLearning (online) Class?

Successful eLearning students need to be highly motivated and have good study and time management skills. They must be willing to contact their faculty/instructor for assistance when needed and be responsible for completing assignments on time and without reminders. Before students register for their first eLearning class, they should visit www.palmbeachstate.edu/eLearning or contact an academic advisor for any questions regarding the requirements of eLearning classes.

Support Services for eLearning Students

Students registered in eLearning courses receive the same support services as on-campus students. These services include registration, advising, financial aid, documented disability accommodations, bookstore services, tutoring, library services and Testing Center services, as well as many others.

eLearning (online) Courses

Online classes offer a world of resources to students who have internet access. These classes provide some of the materials in an anytime, anywhere mode. Students can keep in touch with the faculty/instructor and other students by using the communication tools of the Learning Management System..

eLearning courses include:

Pure Online courses are taken entirely through the Learning Management System (LMS) over the internet. On-campus time is NOT required. Some faculty/instructors may request an optional on-campus orientation meeting or testing.

Hybrid courses require attendance in a face-to-face classroom in conjunction with activities involving the use of the LMS.

Component courses are face-to-face classes supplemented with some online LMS activities.