Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education

The Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education provides the child care workforce of Palm Beach County with a comprehensive approach to career development. Offerings include an extensive training selection, career advising, tutoring, scholarships, a salary supplement award for qualified applicants, technical assistance for early child care educators, and a new micro-credentialing system that recognizes the expertise in our students' careers, hence motivating them to progress along their educational and career pathways. The goal is to create a quality, seamless professional development system for early childhood personnel entering and exiting the system at any level. A quality assurance system ensures the quality of trainers and training, as the Institute offers outcomes-driven training opportunities, focusing on the knowledge and skills needed to make a difference in early learning environments. The quality assurance system incorporates guidelines and standards for training activities, including a process for approving trainers who meet these standards. The Institute maintains a registry of approved trainers and training. For more information on the Institute’s innovative approach to professional development and its programs and services, visit