Vocational Preparatory Instruction Lab

The Vocational Preparatory Instruction (VPI) Lab offers a series of short-term courses for CCP students who need to remediate all or part of TABE. Students enrolled in CCP programs who require TABE remediation will be required to register for corequisite VPI courses. Taking the TABE is a requirement to complete any CCP program that is 450 or more hours in length.

The VPI Lab offers personalized instruction with learning specialists and tutors. Computer programs and additional learning materials are available for the student.

The TABE remediation courses are:

VPI 0100 - Vocational Preparatory Reading

VPI 0200 - Vocational Preparatory Mathematics

VPI 0300 - Vocational Preparatory Language

Before registering for a TABE remediation course, a student should first meet with a CCP advisor to discuss the entrance requirements for his or her specific program. Students should then visit the VPI Lab, www.palmbeachstate.edu/slc/lake-worth/VPI-Lab.aspx, for course schedules and further information.