BSC2420 Biotechnology 1 (AA)

Prerequisites: BSC1010, BSC1010L, BSC2421, BSC2421L, CHM1045, CHM1045L (with a grade of C or higher). Corequisites: BSC2420L, CHM1046, CHM1046L (with a grade of C or higher).

This lecture course focuses on recombinant DNA technology, genetic engineering and the molecular nature of genes and gene function. It covers DNA and RNA structure, genes and chromosomes, DNA replication and repair, genetics, and protein translation in prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Application of modern biotechnology will be emphasized, including plasmids, enzymes, genetic transformation, microarrays, DNA sequencing, RNAi, stem cells, and regenerative medicine. In a lecture science course where there is a required co-requisite lab, students may withdraw from the lab class, but stay in the lecture class. (Students may also choose to withdraw from both.) Students will not be allowed to withdraw from the lecture and remain enrolled in the lab.


3 Credits