Financial Aid Disbursement

Disbursement of financial aid awards to students in unit programs begins in September for the fall academic period, late January for the spring academic period, and June for the summer academic period after faculty confirms you have attended during the first week of class. Awards are disbursed when the student has submitted all required information and/or documentation and meets all eligibility criteria, including the Standards of Academic Progress for Financial Aid recipients. For clock hour programs please visit the web page http://www.palmbeachstate,edu/financialaid/CCP-CCC-ATC.aspx.

Disbursements will continue throughout the academic period for eligible students. If the total amount of aid disbursed for the academic period exceeds the cost of tuition, fees, obligations and books (if any), the student may receive a financial aid refund after all tuition, fees and book charges are paid in full and the credit balance is obtained.

Direct bank deposit is highly recommended and is available to all students. Students can submit their direct deposit information by selecting the Finances application on their home page, then Set Up Payment Elections.