Student Handbook

The Student Handbook is your "user guide" to Palm Beach State and is full of information to help you navigate our policies and procedures, understand your rights and responsibilities as a student, and explore all that the College has to offer you. The Palm Beach State College Student Handbook is updated annually.


Students are responsible for reading the information in the Student Handbook.


All regulations and policies pertaining to student conduct are listed in the Student Handbook located online at


This includes the Student Code of Conduct. College students are considered to have reached the age of responsibility and discretion. Their conduct, both in and out of college, is expected to be dignified and honorable. Students must realize that the responsibility for their success in college rests largely upon themselves. Each student, by the act of enrolling, is obligated to obey the rules and regulations formulated by the College. Each student is responsible for observing all Board of Trustees’ policies and procedures as published in the Student Handbook.