Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all their scheduled classes. For eLearning classes (Online, Hybrid, or Live Online), students are expected to regularly log in to access the class website and participate in the course according to the schedule of events outlined by the faculty/instructor. Any class session or activity missed, regardless of cause, reduces the opportunity for learning and may adversely affect a student’s achievement in the course. Logging in without active participation is NOT attendance for financial aid purposes.

Specific attendance and grading requirements for each course are stated in the respective course syllabus. These requirements may vary from course to course, and it is the student’s responsibility to read and adhere to the attendance policies set forth by each class faculty/instructor. Students must read and adhere to the course syllabus requirements regarding class absences and examinations. Students should seek any needed clarification from the class faculty/instructor. The College policy of reinstating students who were dropped for financial aid reasons or due to college error shall supersede individual faculty/instructor’s attendance policies.

When officially representing the College, or attending a College sponsored event, such as a field trip or intercollegiate competition, students shall not be counted absent, provided their faculty/instructors are given prior notification and any missed assignments are subsequently completed. Students will be granted excused absences in the case of a substantiated emergency, such as a confining illness, a serious accident, the death of an immediate relative, or a religious observance. (See religious observances.) Faculty/instructors decide on the validity of the excuses and provide opportunities for students to complete any required makeup work. Students are responsible for immediately informing their faculty/instructors when they must miss class sessions for emergencies.