General Eligibility Requirements

Students must have a standard high school diploma or GED.

The student must be enrolled at the College as a degree-seeking or certificate-seeking student, in an eligible program of study to receive a financial aid award. Only courses which apply to the student’s degree at the College may be used to determine enrollment status for federal and state aid programs. Courses not part of the program will not be counted towards financial aid.

Students can receive funding from only one school at a time; however, students may be considered under the consortium/transient agreement to have award amounts adjusted if they qualify for dual enrollment. See the campus Office of Financial Aid for details.

Students in default on a federal loan are ineligible for federal and state financial aid.

Finally, as always, eligibility for financial aid depends upon meeting the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP). Please visit the Financial Aid webpage for additional information on SAP and the new changes effective Fall 2021; a graduated GPA has been implemented and the college will be reviewing SAP status at the end of each semester. Students must meet SAP to be eligible for Financial Aid. What is Satisfactory Academic Progress? See SAP policy on the financial aid home page.

Students who are registered for remedial courses can only receive financial aid for up to 30 remedial credits. Seek financial aid advisement to determine how remedial courses relate to ensuring Satisfactory Academic Progress and the 150 percent of maximum timeframe.