Financial Information

Payment of Fees

Students must pay fees by their payment due date. The calculated payment due date can be found on the Finances worklet, under Charges by Due Date. Payment methods:

  • Online Credit Card with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Optima, Discover, JCB or non-North American Diners Club.
  • Online ACH payment only for Workday payments through Cashnet.
  • In-Person Cashier’s Office. Each office accepts cash, check, money orders, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Optima, Discover, JCB or non-North American Diners Club.


The refund schedule is based upon the dates listed in the academic and registration calendar. No refunds for the current academic period will be issued until the add/drop period for the academic period is completed. The last day of Add or Drop for which 100% refunds are given are listed for each academic period. Refunds are based on amounts reflected on the Student’s Account and all refunds are subject to the recovery of debts/obligations owed to the College. Any student who officially withdraws from the College or reduces their course load prior to the end of the published add/drop period is automatically eligible for a full 100% refund of refundable fees. No grade is recorded on the student’s transcript. No other refunds are granted except in those cases where a student withdraws from classes due to a personal emergency beyond the student’s control as identified below.

Refunds are issued on a regular basis throughout the academic period. Refunds are issued in accordance with the method of payment. Payments made by credit card will be credited back to the most recent credit card used for payment. Students who paid with a check or cash will be issued a refund check or direct deposit. Without exception, all checks are mailed.

Student’s Choice or Responsibility:

  • No refund shall be granted to students who withdraw from the College or reduce their academic course load through their own choice or responsibility after the end of the College’s published add/drop period except for those extenuating circumstances listed under the refund appeal process.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to maintain a current address and current banking information for their payment elections on their student account.
  • Students can choose to have refunds/financial aid funds that are due back to them automatically deposited with their financial institution.
  • Direct deposit reduces the risk of those funds being lost or delayed. Students can elect this option by selecting the Finances worklet, then Set Up Payment Elections, under My Account.

Refund Appeal Process

Requests for refunds AFTER the official add/drop period of the academic period should be submitted by completing a  Request for Refund or Late Withdrawal. The student must complete the required documentation online through the Student Request worklet found on their Workday Student account. The request form must be accompanied by appropriate documentation of the condition on which the request is based. Students will be notified in writing of the decision, and decisions will be based on the documentation provided. If approved, a student’s refund will be issued in accordance with the method of payment. Any financial debt/obligations owed to the College will be deducted from the refund. If the student is no longer attending, it is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from the course(s). Submitting a refund request does not officially withdraw a student from a class or the College. Please note that requests will not be granted beyond one calendar year from the academic period in question.

Required Documentation: Supporting documentation must accompany refund requests based on a college action or personal emergency. The following documentation is required:

  • Death of an immediate family member -- Documentation of the death and the student’s relationship to the deceased. Immediate family members are limited to spouse, child, parent, and sibling.
  • College change or error -- A letter from the appropriate College official documenting the situation in which the College was in error or initiated an action that caused the student to have to withdraw.
  • Employment -- A letter on company stationery indicating that the student’s employer changed their work schedule (listing old and new work schedule) and that this change prevents the student from completing the term.
  • Medical -- A letter from the student’s physician or health care agency specifically indicating an illness of such severity or duration that the student cannot continue in a course(s). The letter must include dates of the illness and treatment.
  • Military Service -- Documented involuntary call to active military duty.

Important Taxpayer Information

Internal Revenue Service regulations §1.6050S-1 require the College to annually submit to the IRS Forms 1098-T for certain students who may be eligible for tax credits. The IRS requires a Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) when submitting tax related information. You may be eligible for tax credit. Your SSN or TIN is required. The College cannot guarantee any particular tax effect nor provide any advice related to IRA tax filing. Your SSN is also required if you intend to use a Florida Prepaid Account. If you fail to furnish your SSN or TIN to the College AND we are required to produce a 1098-T form, you can be subject to a $50 penalty allowable by IRS regulations. If the College does not have a current SSN or TIN on file, please make sure you submit Form W-9S to your campus Admissions Office to avoid possible penalties. Help ensure the information reported by the College is accurate by supplying this information.

Returned Check Fees

According to Florida Chapter § 832, (giving worthless checks, drafts, and debit card orders, etc.), the College may charge the following fees:

  • Worthless checks up to $150.00 constitute a first-degree misdemeanor.
  • Worthless checks over $150.00 constitute a third-degree felony.

The College reserves the right to take necessary actions against those check writers including processing through the appropriate State Attorney’s Bad Check Restitution Program, and by assessing fees allowable by law as follows:

  • Checks under $50.00 will be charged $25.00.
  • Checks from $50.00–$299.99 will be charged $30.00.
  • Checks from $300.00–$800.00 will be charged $40.00.
  • Checks over $800.00 will be charged 5 percent of the check amount.

Students who have presented two returned checks will no longer be allowed to pay by personal check. All fees are subject to change.

Collection Costs

Students who fail to pay any balance owed to the College on a timely basis will be referred to an outside collection agency and subsequently reported to any credit bureau as part of the process as authorized in Florida Statutes 1010.03. Collection costs associated with any individual account balance that were referred to a collection agency will be passed on to the student. Additional collection costs can substantially increase the debt you owe to the College; so, please be mindful of any billing or past due notices sent by the College in order to prevent your account from becoming delinquent.