Other Appeals

I think there is an error on my student transcript. How can I get it corrected?

Type of Appeal: Student Records Amendment Appeal

Whom should I talk to first? College Registrar

I have been told I’ve lost my eligibility to receive financial aid. How can I appeal?
If you have extenuating circumstances, you may submit an appeal to have your financial aid SAP appeal reviewed and if approved, placed on a probationary status. A communication will have been sent to your Workday inbox which details the process of submitting an appeal. (Please note, if you have not applied for financial aid and believe you have grounds for an appeal, we encourage you to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid and also reach out to a Financial Aid advisor about requesting a SAP appeal emailed to your Workday inbox). 

Whom should I talk to first? Campus Financial Aid Advisor

I believe I am being sexually harassed by a fellow student or an employee.

Whom do I contact?

Type of Appeal: Title IX Complaint

Whom should I talk to first? Title IX Coordinator/Campus Dean of Student Services

How do I appeal a parking citation?

Type of Appeal: Parking Ticket Appeal Form

Whom should I talk to first? Campus Security Office