22. Incivility

A respectful, polite, and courteous communication, behavior or speech is expected by all stakeholders of the institution in maintaining a positive College environment. Any violation of PBSC five Pillars of Civility: Pride, Respect, Progress, Ethics, and Teams.

22a. Rudeness, impoliteness or discourteous act that might cause disruption.

22b. Using profane, abusive, vulgar, or harassing language or any type of communication.

22c. Any intent to defame or insult individuals and/or groups creating a hostile environment.

22d. Addressing others in an unprofessional and disrespectful way.

22e. Using intimidating or threatening verbal or written communication.

22f. Utilizing hostile, demeaning or threatening body language.

22g. Contacting individuals in an excessively and intense way that disrupts regular business operations.

22h. Accusing others of incompetence or dismissing their expertise and character.

22i. Disrespecting authority in any form by not responding to a request.

22j. Constant interruption preventing a positive teaching and business environment.

22k. Intentionally or recklessly stalking another person.