23. Information Technology Resources

The use of College Information Technology (IT) resources in violation of federal and state laws or regulations, College rules or policies or applicable contracts or licensing agreements. The use of IT resources to cause a disruption to the College environment or program or to interfere with the rights of others or College activities. A computer use violation may include, but is not limited to:

23a. Use for the violation of personal privacy or for the committing of crimes.

23b. Unauthorized access to or use of computer, computer system, network, software, or data.

23c. Unauthorized alteration of computer equipment software, network, or data.

23d. Unauthorized duplication or use of computer programs or files.

23e. Making unauthorized changes to a computer account or other deliberate action that disrupts the operation of computer systems serving other students or the College community in general.

23f. Posting, transmitting threatening, harassing, vulgar, or pornographic content to platforms used by the College to include, but not limited to, any chatrooms, bulletin boards, social networking sites or emails.

23g. Posting or transmitting any unsolicited email, advertisement, promotional materials, or any other forms of solicitation to students.