36. Unauthorized Use of College Property or Unauthorized Presence

36a. Use of College property or property of members of the College community or College affiliates without prior expressed approval by college or affiliate personnel or in violation of any section of the Code.

36b. Forcible entry into a building or other premise.

36c. Tampering with fire and safety equipment.

36d. Fraudulent and/or unauthorized use of the College name, logo, seal, nickname, slogan, mascot, or any registered service mark of the College.

36e. Violation of an official College or campus restriction or trespass order or court order related to a student, faculty/instructor, or member of the College community.

36f. The unauthorized use of, or entry into, any College facilities (i.e., classrooms, laboratories, athletic fields), whether by force or not, is prohibited.

36g. Unauthorized possession of or duplication of college keys.

36h. Presence in or failure to leave a marked or noticed unauthorized area of a building or other unauthorized premise when asked.