Student Complaint Procedure

Guiding principles for Complaint Resolution

  • resolve matters at the earliest possible opportunity
  • resolve matters at the lowest possible level
  • investigate the matter fairly and thoroughly
  • ensure the process is unbiased

This complaint procedure applies to any complaint other than those listed below. Please use the links provided below for more information about these processes:

Informal Complaint Process

Students are encouraged to reach out to the appropriate first point of contact identified in the interactive list below. The College also has an Ombudsman available to serve as a student advocate to guide students in resolving conflicts and in processing appeals through established procedures.


Student Complaints - First Point of Contact

Issue First Point of Contact
Academic/Instruction Faculty/Instructor; or Supervising Associate Dean
Admissions Director of Admissions
Academic Advising Student Development Manager/Assistant Dean of Students
Academic Advising BAS Programs Academic & Student Services Manager for BAS Programs
Academic Freedom Faculty/Instructor; Supervising Associate Dean
ADA/504 Concerns Campus Center for Student Accessibility Manager
Athletics Athletics Director
Bookstore Campus Bookstore Manager
Cashier Cashier’s Office Supervisor
Class Availability Supervising Associate Dean
Discrimination/Harassment Among Students that is not Sexual Harassment Campus Dean/Assistant Dean of Students:
Belle Glade Campus
Boca Raton Campus
Lake Worth Campus
Loxahatchee Groves Campus
Palm Beach Gardens Campus
Sexual Harassment of a Student by a Student Title IX Coordinator
Discrimination/Harassment of Student by Employee Human Resources Director and Equity Officer
Discrimination/Harassment of a Student by Faculty/Instructor other than Sexual Harassment Supervising Associate Dean
Sexual Harassment of a Student by Faculty or Instructor Human Resources Director and Equity Officer
Title IX Coordinator
eLearning eLearning Support
Financial Aid Campus Financial Aid Manager
Graduation Graduation Office
International Admissions International Admissions Director
Library Library Director:
Belle Glade
Lake Worth
Palm Beach Gardens
New Student Orientation Student Development Manager/Assistant Dean
Parking Ticket Parking Ticket Appeal
Registration/Student Records
Florida Residency
Limited Access Admissions
Name Not on Class Roster
Refund Requests
Other Registration/Records Concerns
Campus Registration Office:
Belle Glade/Loxahatchee Groves
Boca Raton
Lake Worth
Palm Beach Gardens
Religious Observances Supervising Associate Dean
Security Security Sergeant
Student Activities Student Activities Manager
Student Learning Center Campus SLC Manager
Testing Test Center Manager
Veterans Veterans Certifying Official

For concerns not specified above, students will be directed to contact the Dean of Student Services Office on their campus for guidance.


Formal Complaint Process - Written Student Complaints

Any student whose complaint has not been resolved through the informal process can complete and submit a Student Problem Resolution Form.

To be considered a written student complaint, a student must submit a formal complaint utilizing the Student Problem Resolution Form. (This excludes reports regarding Title IX and discrimination/harassment. These reports can be submitted in any format.)

Once the form is submitted, the case is assigned to the appropriate administrator within two (2) business days.

Within three (3) business days of being assigned the complaint, the administrator will contact the student to review and clarify the complaint, identify a course of action and time frame for resolution and provide their contact information. Complaints should be resolved within thirty calendar days; students will be notified if this time frame needs to be extended and the reason for the extension. The student will be notified in writing as to the final outcome of the complaint. The decision of the administrator is final.

Formal complaints involving a member of the Faculty will be resolved using the process outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.