Formal Complaint Process - Written Student Complaints

Any student whose complaint has not been resolved through the informal process can complete and submit a Student Problem Resolution Form.

To be considered a written student complaint, a student must submit a formal complaint utilizing the Student Problem Resolution Form. (This excludes reports regarding Title IX and discrimination/harassment. These reports can be submitted in any format.)

Once the form is submitted, the case is assigned to the appropriate administrator within two (2) business days.

Within three (3) business days of being assigned the complaint, the administrator will contact the student to review and clarify the complaint, identify a course of action and time frame for resolution and provide their contact information. Complaints should be resolved within thirty calendar days; students will be notified if this time frame needs to be extended and the reason for the extension. The student will be notified in writing as to the final outcome of the complaint. The decision of the administrator is final.

Formal complaints involving a member of the Faculty will be resolved using the process outlined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement.