Complaint Process

This complaint process is intended to provide a fair, prompt, and objective determination about whether any College policy or the student code of conduct has been violated. The reporting party and the responding party will be treated with dignity, courtesy, sensitivity and understanding and will not be prejudged or blamed for what occurred. The College will take all reasonable steps to prevent unnecessary or unwanted contact or proximity between both parties. Reasonable attempts will be made to provide support academically and referral to support services.

Students requiring ADA accommodations need to contact the Center for Accessibility Services to coordinate support throughout the conduct process.

Any persons thought to have information relevant to the complaint shall be interviewed, and such interview shall be appropriately documented. It is expected that interviewees would cooperate in providing all requested information.

Investigations will include, but are not limited to, visual inspection, copying, photographing, or otherwise preserving text, emails, social media post, voice messages and any other type of documentation or media that support the reporting party’s complaint or are offered by the responding party or discovered in follow-up interviews.

Reports made in bad faith may be subject to equivalent student conduct action.