Student Conduct Conference

The Assistant Dean or designee will issue a Conduct Summons, which will be hand delivered, sent via email and/or sent via certified letter to the responding party’s mailing address on record. The summons will include the following:

  • The date, time, and location of the Student Conduct Conference with the Assistant Dean of Students. (at least seven (7) business days from the date of the email)
  • The allegations and the specific provision of the code of conduct at issue
  • At least five (5) business days before the Student Conduct Conference, the following will be sent to the responding party via college email:
    1. A listing of all known witnesses that have provided, or will provide, information against the student.
    2. All known information relating to the allegation, including inculpatory (documentation that supports the complaint) and exculpatory (documentation that does not support the complaint) information.
  • The link to the Student Conduct Process Video

During the Student Conduct Conference, the reported violation of the Code of Conduct, the process, and the student’s rights associated will be discussed.

The Assistant Dean or designee may elect to offer an informal resolution to the process through a verbal warning or a behavior agreement without filing formal conduct charges.

Failure to attend the Student Conduct Conference may result in disciplinary hold and/or temporary suspension. This disciplinary hold or suspension may be lifted when the student meets with the Dean or designee.