Student - the term “student” includes any person who:

  • Has been admitted to the College, regardless of whether they have enrolled in classes.
  • Is taking courses at the College (full time or part time) or pursuing undergraduate, certificate, professional, adult education, or distance learning courses; or
  • Not currently enrolled but considered an active student for registration purposes.

Students that violate code of conduct and leave the college for whatever reason, will be held accountable when they return. A disciplinary hold will be placed on the student’s record prohibiting registration until the situation has been resolved. In cases deemed to be a direct threat to campus safety, the College may elect to issue a temporary suspension and pursue conduct charges.

Learning environment - is defined as where students engage and participates in learning activities such as face to face, live online, fully online, hybrid setting to include, but not limited to, any gathering of faculty or other College employees and students for the purpose of teaching and learning.

College environment - is defined as all academic and non-academic department that are physical or virtual locations of the College.

College community - is defined as PBSC employees, students, and other constituents with responsibilities to the College (i.e., DBOT).

Information Technology Resources - is defined as unauthorized access to or use of computer, computer system, network, software, or data.