Intellectual Property Rights

The College encourages an intellectual environment whereby the creative efforts and innovations of its students can be encouraged and rewarded. The College, therefore, does not claim ownership rights to the intellectual property created by students in the scope of their attendance except where the student has utilized substantial resources of the College in the development of the work beyond those resources commonly provided to students for production of publications or class projects.

Intellectual property is meant to include both traditional forms of intellectual property, such as student publications, class project outcomes and student papers, as well as non-traditional intellectual property such as, CD, DVD, Web Pages, applications, computer programs, TV courseware, or other electronically recorded materials. All such intellectual property remains the property of the authoring student. However, the College retains an interest in said property by virtue of the College’s assistance and support for its development, production and dissemination and shall have reasonable access to and use of the intellectual property for such purposes as student evaluation and reproduction in exercising its administrative duties Religious Observances.