Panther Care Team (PCT)


Palm Beach State College provides behavioral assessment and intervention support for students demonstrating concerning behaviors through the Panther Care Team. Early identification of concerning behavior and implementation of support strategies help students deal with life’s stressors and continue to meet their academic goals. Fostering a culture of reporting on campus is important to maintaining a safe and respectful learning environment.

Team members

The team is an interdisciplinary, collaborative team that develops individualized assessments and intervention plans for students demonstrating concerning behaviors.

The core team includes representatives from each campus Dean of Student Services Office, Director of Student Wellbeing, Chief of Security and Risk Management, Title IX Coordinator, Direct of Student Life, Student Conduct Coordinator and two representatives from the faculty. The committee is co-chaired by the Director of Student Life and the Title IX Coordinator.


Members of the team participate in training through NABITA, the National Association for Behavioral and Intervention and Threat Assessment. The assessment tool used is the NABITA Risk Rubric.