Audit and Withdrawal Policies

Deadline dates for audit and withdrawal are published in the Academic/Registration Calendar. In cases of non-standard beginning or ending dates, the audit deadline is the last day of add/drop, and the withdrawal deadline is 65 percent of the course session. Students with questions about audit and withdrawal deadlines should contact the Registrar’s Office at any campus location.

Students receiving financial aid should consult with the Financial Aid Office before auditing or withdrawing from a course to determine what impact, if any, an audit or withdrawal would have on their financial aid status. International students and athletes must get authorization from their advisor before auditing or withdrawing from a class. Veterans receiving benefits must see their Veteran Academic Advisor prior to considering an audit or withdrawal.

Note: Upon the third attempt of a credit course, a withdrawal (student or faculty/instructor) or audit will not be permitted and the student will receive a grade for the course.


Auditing Courses

A student may be admitted to certain courses on an audit basis by completing an official Audit Request form and submitting it to any campus Registrar’s Office prior to the audit deadline. Audit requests will not be processed after the add/drop period ends. Classes designated as audit during add/drop do not count as attempts. Students auditing a course must attend class, but they are not required to take tests and examinations. A grade of X will be denoted on the student’s transcript for audit classes. Auditing students may not change their schedule to seek credit in any course in which they are enrolled. Prerequisite requirements and the cost for auditing a course is the same as taking it for credit.

Courses taken for the third or fourth attempt or for high school dual enrollment/early admission may not be audited. Students are not permitted to audit college developmental courses, courses under a selected admission program, or vocational credit or noncredit courses. A student may not audit a course in which he or she received a grade of C or higher. A faculty/instructor may withdraw an audit student (XW) for failure to adhere to the attendance requirements of the course.

Student Withdrawals

Students may withdraw from course(s) online through Workday. A grade of W will be denoted on the student’s transcript for withdrawn class. The deadline to withdraw for each enrolled course is listed on the student’s Class Schedule. Students are permitted a maximum of two attempts and/or withdrawals per course.

There is normally no refund for withdrawals submitted after the add/drop deadline (see the calendar in this catalog for deadlines); however, if a student has certain extenuating circumstances (such as death of family member or personal hospitalization), a refund may be considered. See Refund Appeals policy in the Student Handbook. Students considering withdrawing from any course are strongly encouraged to speak with an academic advisor to discuss any impact that a withdrawal may have financially or academically.

Certain Limited Access programs prohibit course withdrawals. A student may not withdraw from a CCP course that meets less than two times. Students should speak with a program advisor for more information.

Note: Upon the third attempt, the student will not be permitted to withdraw and will receive a grade for that course.