Enrollment Status

Classification of Students

Students are classified according to the number of college-level units they have completed, regardless of the number of academic periods the student has been in attendance.

Lower Division (1000-2000 level coursework)

Freshman: Less than 24 college-level units

Sophomore: 24 or more college-level units

Upper Division (3000-4000 level coursework)

Junior: 61-89 college-level units

Senior: 90 or more college-level units

Full-Time Student

A student is considered a full-time student when enrolled in 12 or more academic period units or 360 or more clock hours. Although audit and institution units (i.e., college developmental education courses) carry no credit, they are counted when determining a student’s enrollment status. For Selective Service deferment or Veterans Administration benefits, noncredit and college developmental education courses cannot be counted when determining a student’s enrollment status but must be taken if required.

Student Maximum Course Load

Most students are not permitted to enroll in more than 18 academic period units; however, a student who has at least a 3.2 cumulative average may enroll in a maximum of 21 academic units.

Enrollment Verification

Palm Beach State College has authorized National Student Clearinghouse to provide enrollment verification certificates for its students through its online Student Self-Service program. This service, available 24 hours, 7 days a week, will allow students the ability to print, save, or email official enrollment verification certificates free of charge. For more information, visit www.palmbeachstate.edu/Admissions.