Important Student Responsibilities

Complete all classes for which you are registered each term and/or understand academic policies and dates relating to dropping courses or withdrawals; be responsible for any unpaid charges following the deduction of all financial aid funds, external payments, or similar awards.

What happens if I withdraw from all my classes?

When a student withdraws, or his/her enrollment is otherwise terminated, the College will not only calculate the amount of tuition/fees that will be refunded to the student (if any), but also the amount of federal financial aid (aka “Title IV”) that must be returned to the Federal Student Aid Programs (if any). This process is referred to as “Return of Title IV” (R2T4). The calculation of R2T4 has no relationship to the tuition and fees that the student may be charged by the College. The R2T4 calculation is performed using forms and/or software compliant with the U.S. Department of Education guidelines. Please meet with a Financial Aid advisor before completely withdrawing from all your courses and learn how R2T4 will impact future attendance at the College.