How to File a Report

Students that experience sexual harassment may contact any of the following departments to file a report.

  • Title IX Office:

    Phone:(561) 868-3277

  • Any Campus Security Office (561) 868-3600
  • Any Campus Dean of Student Services:

    Belle Glade – 561-993-1128
    Boca Raton – 561-862-4311
    Lake Worth – 561-868-3055
    Loxahatchee Groves – 561-790-9025
    Palm Beach Gardens – 561-207-5326

  • Students may also file a report using our online Title IX Complaint Form.

Response to an initial report will include documenting the concern, providing access to college and community resources, and other supportive measures as appropriate.

Supportive measures may include an on-campus security escort, mutual no contact order, class relocation or time change, extended deadlines for course work, counseling services, access to community agencies for off campus service. This list is not exhaustive as each situation may require a unique accommodation.

A Student may escalate their informal report to a formal complaint at any time.

Amnesty for Alcohol and/or Drug Use: While the use of drugs or alcohol may violate the College’s Code of Conduct policy, this conduct charge will not be considered when investigating a Title IX complaint.

Once a formal complaint requesting a formal resolution is filed with or signed by the Title IX Coordinator an investigation will be conducted per the following formal complaint procedure.