When students attend the College, they become subject to its jurisdiction. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a responsible manner in all areas of college life. By enrolling, they agree to obey the rules and regulations of the College and are responsible for observing all Board of Trustees’ policies and procedures as published in the Student Handbook, College Catalog, and other College publications. Palm Beach State College Code of Student Conduct is adapted from The NCHERM Group Model Developmental Code of Student Conduct and is used here with permission.

All alleged student violations of the Code of Conduct of the College should be referred to the campus dean/assistant dean of student services or designee (to be referred to as Dean throughout this document), or campus security, or other College representative. This includes any infractions by a college student organization.

The dean/assistant dean of student services or designee is responsible for the administration of procedures falling under their jurisdiction.

The dean/assistant dean of student services or designee investigates the accusation. The dean/assistant dean of student services will maintain all disciplinary files.

The College reserves the right to take interim disciplinary action to protect the safety of the campus and welfare of the College community pending completion of an investigation and/or conduct hearing. The College conduct procedures are designed to ensure reasonable protection of both parties and a fair determination of the facts and provide due process in the application of appropriate sanctions.