Palm Beach State College is committed to fostering a campus environment that is conducive to academic inquiry, a productive campus life and thoughtful study and discourse. The Student Code of Conduct and conduct process is educational and developmental in nature, balancing the interests of individual students, as well as the interests of the College.

Our college community exists on the basis of shared values and principles. At Palm Beach State College, students are expected to uphold and abide by certain standards of conduct that form the basis of the Student Code of Conduct. Each member of the College community bears responsibility for their conduct and assumes reasonable responsibility for the behavior of others.

The student conduct process at Palm Beach State College is not intended to punish students; rather, it exists to protect the interests of the College community and to challenge those behaviors that are not in accordance with our policies. Sanctions are intended to challenge students’ moral and ethical decision making and to help them bring their behavior into accord with our community expectations. When a student is unable to conform their behavior to community expectations, the student conduct process may determine that the student should no longer share in the privilege of participating in this community.

Palm Beach State College protects and promotes its interests and objectives, which are essential to its effectiveness. These include (1) maintenance of the opportunity for students to attain their educational objectives; (2) the creation and maintenance of a stimulating, intellectual and educational atmosphere free of intimidation throughout the College; (3) protection of the health, safety, welfare, property, and civil rights of all members of the College; and (4) protection of property of the College. The College has responsibility in the area of student conduct to protect and promote the pursuit of its goals as outlined above. The College’s approach to student conduct emphasizes the College’s obligation to foster inclusion, equity, tolerance, independence, maturity, and responsibility in students.

Palm Beach State College governs its members using fair and nondiscriminatory measures of conduct including, but not limited to, their academic work, College-related social activities, communications, and social media. Behavior that deviates from these measures will be addressed in accordance with the procedures outlined in this handbook.