Important Taxpayer Information

Internal Revenue Service regulations §1.6050S-1 require the College to annually submit to the IRS Forms 1098-T for certain students who may be eligible for tax credits. The IRS requires a Social Security Number (SSN) or Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) when submitting tax related information. You may be eligible for tax credit. Your SSN or TIN is required. The College cannot guarantee any particular tax effect nor provide any advice related to IRA tax filing. Your SSN is also required if you intend to use a Florida Prepaid Account. If you fail to furnish your SSN or TIN to the College AND we are required to produce a 1098-T form, you can be subject to a $50 penalty allowable by IRS regulations. If the College does not have a current SSN or TIN on file, please make sure you submit Form W-9S to your campus Admissions Office to avoid possible penalties. Help ensure the information reported by the College is accurate by supplying this information.