Late Withdrawal Requests

All requests for a withdrawal (1) after the end of the withdrawal deadline or (2) after the completion of the academic period should be submitted to the campus registrar by completing a Late Withdrawal Request form, located online at Workday.

The request must be accompanied by appropriate documentation of the condition on which the request is based. Requests for late withdrawals within the current academic period, and up to the anniversary date of your request, are adjudicated by the campus registrar. Students will be notified by college email of the decision, and decisions will be based on the documentation provided. All other requests are adjudicated by the College-Wide Appeals Committee.

Students who are granted a withdrawal through this process shall receive a “W” in their classes and shall not be eligible for a refund of fees unless a College error or responsibility is involved. Please note that requests will not be granted or appealable beyond one calendar year from the academic period in question.

Required Documentation: Supporting documentation must accompany late withdrawal requests. The following documentation is required:

  • Death of an immediate family member -- Documentation of the death and the student’s relationship to the deceased. Immediate family members are limited to spouse, child, parent, and sibling.
  • College change or error -- A letter from the appropriate College official documenting the situation in which the College was in error or initiated an action that caused the student to have to withdraw.
  • Employment -- A letter on company stationery indicating that the student’s employer changed their work schedule (listing old and new work schedule) and that this change prevents the student from completing the academic period.
  • Medical -- A letter from the student’s physician or health care agency specifically indicating an illness of such severity or duration that the student cannot continue in a course(s). The letter must include dates of the illness and treatment.
  • Military Service -- Documented involuntary call to active military duty.